If you want to move away from stand-alone, short –term fixes, to more sustainable solutions, you need to speak to us.

Our consulting projects include a range of solutions and are customised to each client based on their context, needs and concerns. We currently work with large, medium and small organisations to create business focus; and realign/re-engineer business and people practices and processes to support the change.

We are known for helping our clients move away from linear thinking, to systemic thinking. Please contact preeya@leadershipdialgue.co.za if you would like to chat more about your consulting project


We are passionate academics who are committed to creating leaders that are equipped to lead ethically, with a dynamic skillset. Our graduates are known to think systemically and critically.

As part of our education projects, we run programs for numerous South African universities, including a PhD program in Leadership, Systems and Complexity; and run short learning programs applying innovative thinking to multiple contexts.

We are in the process of registering the Graduate Institute of Leadership and Complexity, a distance learning facility that will offer post-graduate courses in leadership and complexity science.

If you would like us to run a program for you, or would like to partner with the Graduate Institute of Leadership and Complexity, please contactstan@leadershipdialogue.co.za


We help our clients learn and apply dialogue processes that broaden their understanding of the competitive context and the systemic relationships that impact on success.

Our hosted ‘get South Africa talking’ meetings are our contribution to promoting civil dialogue.

If you would like to host or participate in a breakfast, please contact stan@leadershipdialogue.co.za